Social media organic & ads Strategy

I can design your social media strategy that informs your content plan so you know exactly what, where and who your posts should be aimed at. I can work on your Facebook Ads strategy with clear objectives and create appropriate audiences and ads to match.



I can create your social media content, from sourcing curated content to designing graphics. I also consult and give guidance on short-form video.



Success can only be measured by setting goals. I can keep track of the numbers so you can see whats working.



I can manage your social media platforms, or run your Facebook and Instagram Ads as part of your wider marketing plan.



I can run our expert eye over your social profiles or your current/previous Facebook ads and Business Manager set up and give you feedback on improvements you can make.


Why do I need a social media manager and/or a Facebook ads expert?

Social media is a complex and time-consuming marketing tool. Placing your platforms in the hands of an experienced manager frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business. A good social media manager will work with you to produce engaging content that aligns with your wider business goals. Even better if you begin the process with the creation of a social media strategy.

Facebook ads are complex to set up and the landscape is ever changing. Hiring someone who knows the intricate set up with in depth training, experience and access to networks of experts in the field will make the job a lot easier. Hiring someone to monitor the proceedings will help them perform at the best level. An expert can be invaluable, especially when you have a business to run.

Do you provide the content?

Yes, I can assist with sourcing and create images and copy for you for social media and for Facebook ads. However, the more we can work together, the better we can serve your followers. 

Will social media work for my business?

Absolutely. The key to success is understanding who your target customer is and delivering content that adds value to their social feeds.

My experience means I’m able to produce engaging content for a wide variety of businesses. 

How will I know if social media is working?

It’s notoriously hard to prove a ROI for social media, but if I am doing your Social Media Management, I will provide you with a comprehensive monthly analytics report which outlines how we’re getting on.

Of course, social media isn’t a quick fix! It takes time, effort and consistency and that’s where I can help. Book a call to find out more.

What does a social media manager and Facebook ads manager do?

A social media manager will oversee the smooth running of your social platforms. They will typically create a social media strategy to support your business goals. Then if they go on to manage your accounts they will (according to what’s been agreed) create content, schedule posts, engage with influencers and followers, and finally report back usually monthly on results.

If I was to manage your Facebook ads I would initially audit your current Business Manager and review the performance of the ads you have run to date (if you have run them). I would create a suggested Facebook ads strategy to reflect your objectives and create appropriate audiences to match. I would also advise on ad creatives, copy and build the ads for delivery. Following this phase would be ongoing optimisation, involving replacement of ads to test and I would reporting of results on fortnightly or monthly calls.

How will I know if facebook ads WILL working or are working?

There are no guarantees. However, despite all the changes and roadblocks, according to our research by Databox, more than 60% of companies increased their ad budgets on Facebook in 2021 and more than 50% of companies expect that to increase again in 2022. If you advertise the traditional way eg local radio, billboards or in a magazine, are are no guarantees of success there either and it’s near impossible to track any result form it. Facebook ads are all about testing and increasing and decreasing your budget as necessary. When you see what’s working so you have much more control. Whilst tracking of Facebook ads results has been hampered by the iOS14 update which started rolling out in April 2021, there are other ways to capture the sales from Ads via your eCommerce dashboard or Google Analytics.

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